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Welcome to Smt. Allum Sumangalamma Memorial College for Women

Welcome to Smt. Allum Sumangalamma Memorial College for Women

History Department Activities and Events

  • Conducting the lectures from eminent persons.
  • Conducting student seminars, group discussions and various competitions.
  • Coaching classes for various competitive examinations.
  • Organizing historical study tours.

Historical Visits and Study Tours Photos:

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Vision & Mission


“Striving to understand the common elements and the range of diversity among human societies and thereby correlating the past and the present.”



  • To guide students in understanding of richness and diversity of human diversity.
  • To teach curriculum that is contemporary, competitive and content rich.



  • To study and interpret the past and teach its applications in the present.
  • To contribute significantly to the social justice and community engagement with reference to the past.
  • To motivate the students towards research to unearth the hidden truths of history.


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About Department

            The Department of History was started in the 1969. Initially, it was started with Pre-University Course and B.A.- I Year with a moderate strength. Today, the strength has gone up to160 for the academic year 2016-17. The foundation was laid by Smt.Sharadamma as the founder staff of the department. Later on Sri. H.M.Jamabana Goud succeeded as the Head of Department and served till his retirement in this College. Meanwhile, Sri. K.Seeta Rama Rao also joined and served the department. Presently, the department is headed by Sri.K.S.Rama Naik.


            The Department of History was established with an objective to project the history, culture and heritage of this Hyderabad-Karnataka region with special reference to the Bellary district. The district’s historical heritage, tradition and number of pre-historic sites provide a vision to the department. The department since its inception has been engaged in motivating the students to contribute to the historical knowledge. Apart from the curricular activities conducted regularly, the department conducts historical tours at regular intervals to have on hand information about the historical sites.

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Contact Address

Smt. Allum Sumangalamma Memorial
College for Women
Sri Togari Veerappanavara
Datti Avarana,
Allum Sumangalamma Road,
1st Cross, Gandhi Nagar 1st,
Ballari 583103
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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